Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was talking on a Yahoogroup about how it's really light in the evenings here at the moment. I'm in Northern England and even at 11pm it isn't fully dark. I love it - I suffer from S.A.D. and I find it motivating to have it light in the evenings - it keeps me active for longer.

This time last year we had relatives over from Florida, my mum's cousin Daphne and her wonderfully named husband Charlie Brown, and they were saying how novel it was that it stayed light and how jealous they were. I would be jealous of their sunshine and pool, but there we go!

Here are some photos from 10pm - yes, ten at night - on June 21st, Summer Solstice.

I think it's so beautiful :)


Gabriela said...

Thanks Rebecca! How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!I can see why you are enjoying this so much!
Are you a soccer fan?


Yes, it really is wonderful! Thanks for shedding some light!

Also enjoyed your journal pages. I just finished my first ever journal page for a friend ( I posted a couple of posts ago). I really must do this for myself too!

Maria said...

I took a long solitary walk with my dog on the evening of summer solstice and I swear it was like getting new batteries.