Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art Journal #1

I've been keeping a paper journal consistently for about five years now. I'm proud of them! But I recently decided I needed to keep an art journal too, one that was especially for art and not many words, for paint and glue and CREATING. I finished it! I am really really proud of myself. Below are a few pages. Do ask if you have any questions.

Panic at the Disco lyrics on the left, I've edited the writing on the right, but the background was drawn with burnt matches.

I like drawing rainbows :)

The left hand page is one of my favourites.

This is the very first page :)


Megan said...

I love the rainbow one! I would like to keep a journal but I always seem to quit after a little while, I might try again soon.

Maria said...

I have no talent. My journal is a three ring lined notebook....

ksowens said...

Nice journal - very creative use of mediums. You should be proud - thanks for sharing!!

Kim O
blissfull art journaling group

Queenie said...

Lovely journal! And thank you for the postcard which was totally unexpected! x

Jess said...

Dear Rebecca,

Just got your utterly LOVELY package, thank you for the sweet notes. I've, unfortunately, been taken off Swap-Bot for the time being, but was wondering if you wouldn't mind my writing back to you in a letter! I loved the selection and was quite flattered with the effort you took into picking things out for'll see that I've started reviewing!

Thanks again,